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Mariner Mobile

The Internet Service Provider for the Yachting Community

Internet While Yachting

U.S. and International Data Access Across All Carriers
$ 49
Starting per Month *
  • Flexible Data Plans Range Between 25GB and 1TB
  • Automaticly Switch to Best Coverage Available
  • U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, and More...
Yacht Wifi

Global Coverage in 135+ Countries

Mariner Mobile Has You Covered, Whether in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or Around the World.

U.S. Data Plans

Mariner Mobile U.S. plans offer seamless internet connectivity for yachting enthusiasts who sail along the United States' coastlines. With these plans, customers benefit from reliable and uninterrupted access to the internet, as Mariner Mobile provides hardware options like Vanguard Connect and Freedom Connect.

Canada & Mexico Data Plans

Mariner Mobile Canada and Mexico plans ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity for yachting aficionados exploring the picturesque coastlines of these neighboring countries. Offering a range of affordable and flexible pricing options, these plans cater to the diverse needs and budgets of sailors.

Global Internet Data Plans

Mariner Mobile Global Data Plans provide worldwide internet connectivity for yachting enthusiasts. These affordable and flexible options keep sailors connected regardless of location, ensuring access to friends, family, and essential online services while exploring breathtaking coastal landscapes.

How It Works:

Step 1: Purchase Vanguard Connect

Vanguard Connect

  • Every Carrier Included in one Bill
  • Auto-Switch to Best Connection
  • No SIM Cards Required
  • Powerful Tabletop Router
  • No Roaming or Overages
  • Like Home Internet Where You Go

Step 2: Activate Data Plan

  • Seamless internet for yachting enthusiasts
  • Uninterrupted access & carrier switching
  • Affordable, flexible data plans (25GB-1000GB)
  • Smooth carrier transitions for optimal connections
  • Cost-effective, flexible data plans (25GB-1000GB)
  • Extensive coverage in Canada and Mexico
  • Economical, versatile data plans (25GB-1000GB)
  • Wide coverage across the Globe
  • Amazing Customer Service one Phone Call Away

Auto Switch Across All Global Cellular Carriers

Vanguard Connect Device is SIM Free!

Vanguard Connect Data Plans

At Mariner Mobile, we often encounter a recurring question from those out at sea: “How can I get internet while cruising on my yacht?” Our response is straightforward: Vanguard Connect. Our tabletop router offers access to all U.S. carriers and automatically switches to the most robust connection available, guaranteeing quick and dependable internet access regardless of your location. With a secure WiFi access point and support for up to 32 devices, you can stream, game, and stay connected effortlessly. Moreover, with our stress-free setup and no SIM card requirement, it’s simple to get online and begin exploring the world around you. Whether you’re a full-time yachting enthusiast or a part-time adventurer, Mariner Mobile has you covered for all your internet needs.

Vanguard Connect

At Mariner Mobile, we've transformed the yachting internet experience with Vanguard Connect. We effortlessly integrate all global cellular carrier signals into a single WiFi access point, enabling automatic monitoring and carrier switching to guarantee swift, dependable internet access for your yacht from the most robust signal available. As a result, managing multiple carrier lines becomes a thing of the past.


Why Mariner Mobile?

We believe that yachting enthusiasts should never have to leave their trusted internet access behind when embarking on a cruise. At Mariner Mobile, we are committed to providing seamless connectivity through a single bill, featuring plans that automatically switch to the best local connection, no matter which marina, shoreline, or waterway you choose to explore.

Effortless Setup

Get online in minutes with Vanguard Connect’s effortless plug-and-play setup.

Unmatched Connectivity

Unmatched connectivity and all-carrier access with Vanguard Connect.

Secure Connection

Stay protected with Vanguard Connect’s secure fire-walled connections.

Global Reach

All of the Cellular Carriers.
All of the Time.