The Mariner Mobile App is designed to make your life on the water easier. Using our intuitive interface you can easily control the Mariner Connect to obtain internet via cellular or Mariner Wi-Fi hotspots. Prioritize which connection to use first and whether to automatically fallback to the secondary source.


Below we highlight some features of the User Interface.


We designed the user interface to work from any smart device, laptop or desktop computer using a modern web browser. We also provide a native App to both Apple & Android operating systems for easy control over your Mariner Mobile products & services.


We worked hard to design a user interface that is easy to navigate and understand. Tailored to provide instant information about the important items, we show current online status, available networks within range and clearly show your current connection status.


We also provide an unitutive way to prioritize your internet source and the networks you use most with our unique drag & drop feature. Drag your primary internet source to the top, such as cellular and Wi-Fi will automatically become the secondary.


Or drag the Mariner WiFi signal with the best connection to the top, so the Mariner Connect always attempts connection to it first.


  • One-Touch Connection

    Simplified Connectivity, Click and connect!

  • Automatic Secondary Backup

    When one internet source drops, the other connects

  • Remembered Password

    Automatically saves hotspots you connect with as you travel

  • Automatic Setup

    Simple plug & play setup and configuration

  • Parental Controls

    Simple plug & play setup and configuration

  • Network Devices

    Prioritize Scans so that you only show the signals you need

  • Private Network

    Easily adjust your Wi-Fi broadcast or password in seconds.

  • Select Your Favorites

    Select which Wi-Fi signals you feel are the best to connect with

  • Scalable Network

    Easily add & configure many access points

  • Invite Guests

    Easily invite guests by providing them with Wi-Fi credentials Via email


Coming soon is the ability to manage your cellular service plan directly from within the Mariner Mobile App making your online experience even easier!

– Active Service
– Manage Billing Information
– Review Invoices


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