General gist here of our Mariner Mobile series of routers is designed for todays connected Yatch. With all of the connected devices you have on-board, they all require the internet, for service and software updates, our products ensure all of your connected devices can reach the internet.


The system consists of two key components, the Mariner Connect, providing multiple ways to establish a connection with the internet through Cellular or Wi-Fi and the Mariner AP, providing a secure private Wi-Fi network for all your smart devices, laptops and printers to connect with.


Internet Gateway

The Mariner Connect is design to get you online simply. Need a little section here about how this is designed to keep you online with failover capability yada yada.


  • High-Speed Cellular LTE Modem
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Radio
  • Low profile rooftop antenna
  • No signal loss due to extended cabling
  • No EMI interface
  • Fast & secure connection
  • Heavy duty 12-24V regulator

Mariner AP

WiFi Access Point

The Mariner AP is the connection point for all of your smart devices on-board. Providing 2.4 & 5 GHz connections for all of your devices, Setup is simple via our Mariner Mobile App


  • Fast, Automatic setup
  • Scalable, Add as Many you need
  • Dedicated Indoor Wi-Fi Radio Private & secure connection
  • Heavy duty 12-24V regulator
4G LTE Cellular

Personal Wi-Fi Network

Hardwired Connection


Providing simplified connectivity and hassle free setup, include in your Mariner Connect is an integrated SIM card ready for activation on our network. Using our self activation portal on this website, you can activate your router any time, 24/7 using our automated service activation system.

Locate your SIM card number provided with your Mariner Mobile documentation or simply press the activation button in your router’s control panel go get started. For more information on activating your Mariner Mobile hardware, visit our activation page.


Download the free MarinerMobile companion App to manage your router and data plan.

Prioritize the networks you want to connect with and monitor the health of your network using our intuitive interface.

With our Mariner series of routers, getting and staying connected has never been so easy!


  • Stay Connected

    Internet based calls with those you care about

  • Stay Social

    Socially share you travels like never before!

  • Enjoy Online Gaming

    Keep the kids happy & connected with their games

  • Private Network

    Your location may change, but your net will stay same & secure

  • Network Devices

    Connect your network ready printers & devices

  • One Connection Point

    All your devices connect securley to one access point for internet access

  • Streaming Music & Movies

    Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, Amazon Prime & all your favourite services

  • View Cameras Remotely

    Provide a reliable connection for monitoring live security feeds

Manage your router from any device


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